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For Brillas Agustí, innovation is not only a tool to improve productivity and competitiveness but also one of the main sources to create wealth for society in general. Thus, a corporate strategy and an action plan based on the improvement of the innovation process have been defined, with the collaboration of public entities and building contractors.
Innovation, environment and our social commitment are our trademark and the way towards a better quality of life and people´s progress.
At Brillas Agustí, we strongly consider innovation, technology and knowhow our work tools. Thus, we have a team of professionals committed in carrying out the project with all guarantees regarding quality, and a scrupulous respect of the deadlines; a team able to offer and carry out turn-key projects of housing, public facilities, schools, health centers … through industrialized systems.

servicios brillas agusti

FULL MAINTENANCE SERVICE. Besides the current compulsory ten-year guarantee for new buildings, CBA keeps historical archives containing documents of plans, annual reports and memories – even before the building book existed – and provides this technical documentary service to owners for the repairing and maintenance of their buildings. These are essential documents for future alterations and extensions of such buildings.
MAINTENANCE SERVICE Together with its installations partner companies and through maintenance contracts, CBA provides a service to guarantee the well-functioning and optimal use of the quality guarantees of the several equipment for electricity, computing, plumbing, heating, conditioning, etc.
SERVICE FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF SUPPLY COMPANIES. CBA develops all the necessary management tasks, projects technical documentation and legal documents to both obtain the public licenses and deeds necessary for the securing of the contracts for the supply of gas, water, sewer systems, electricity, telephone, etc. and to deal with the partner companies in their supply to the building users.
SERVICES FOR READY-FOR-OCCUPANCY PROJECTS. Should the properties such as schools, residencies, hotels, hospitals, etc. need a complete construction service involving projects, licenses and equipment with authorization for the users’ occupancy without any later intervention, CBA offers experienced architects teams and partner companies to successfully work in cooperation.
TECHNICAL INSPECTION OF BUILDINGS SERVICE. CBA makes any kind of interventions for the repairing and correction of flaws that might be found in the compulsory technical inspections of buildings according to the current legislation in both structural elements and in roof, façade, inside yards, facilities, etc.