Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by admin
In order to find the origin of Brillas Agustí’ Construction we should look 90 years back in 1915. During this long period it has developed its activity as a builder and developer on a national level, running all kinds of buildings.
The greatest achievement is the identification of its brand as quality guarantee. It’s quality has been proved and recognized in the industry, generating confidence in both t customers and the authors of the projects.
The simplicity of the Company’s organizational structure is a quality seal for our customers as they have a constant and direct contact with the executives of Brillas Agustí Construction.
This direct relationship ensures that all the information are effectively conveyed from our customers to our Company offices.
Regarding its experience in construction, our company stand out for its presence in multiple refurbishments of different types and categories: buildings, industrial, office, commercial and social venues, comprehensive rehabilitation, residences, schools, etc..

Brillas Agustí has constantly been improving the standards of quality, security and reliability in the services offered, and understands quality as a value that favors the continuous improvement of all the processes, activities and services developed by the company. Within that philosophy of work, customer service turns itself into the heart of the whole business activity.
The constructive quality, service efficiency and respect of agreed conditions are differentiating and outstanding elements of our work and image. Our commitment for quality has enabled us to be in the process of obtaining the Certificate of Quality reference UNE-EN ISO 9000 :2008.
Brillas Agustí maintains its commitment to offer specialized in-service training in order to have the best professionals in every field of the business, promoting values such as team work, shared responsibilities, and innovating to improve procedures.
One of the major achievements of our group is based on the ability, quality and high technical qualification of our human team, for that purpose. The contribution of all our staff is determining to comply with the company´s quality requirements and as a consequence form an essential part of the company´s reliability and accurate progress of the building process.
In the fulfillment of its responsibilities, the organization takes up the challenges of the customers and builds work-teams capable of carrying out projects with excellent results, strictly complying with the deadlines.
Brillas Agustí maintains a solid financial structure that provides financial resources easily with a low cost. Such financial is based on the improvement of operative efficiency and on the application of strict criteria of investment in accordance with the company´s growth and spreading strategy, thus offering an attractive return on investments to shareholders