Posted on: April 26th, 2012 by admin
Brillas Agustí’ Construction, following the agreement with the Board of Directors, has recently been working on the development of its business in other countries, in which hopes for sustainable growth in general, and in particular for the return on investment within the real estate sector.

Brillas Agustí Morocco has become real in June 2012, as a fully legal Moroccan entity.
We will soon confirm our presence in Peru and Colombia. In these countries we are studying and discussing future investments in specific projects such as seaside resorts, hotels, the food industry and real-estate business. These projects are in progress in collaboration with other Spanish companies and the above-mentioned countries which have become part of this thrilling real estate and building action plan.
Brillas Agusti’s social spirit in building has always been recognized, throughout its long history, for its financial collaboration with various entities performing charitable services, helping people in their voluntary service, with their vocation and their work, to develop non-profit institutions and empowering individuals from disadvantaged sectors of society.
It understands this way of contribution as a fair and necessary counterpart for the development of this part of society that is not directly paid, while located within a bigger society which allows them to develop their business and commercial activities related to property and construction. This traditional and philosophical way of understanding humanity, is a style that seeks to offer to those countries its internationalization.


During the last years, Brillas Agustí has been planning new expansion strategies searching new opportunities of business abroad. The strategy is to spread internationally and to focus on 6 or 7 countries with secured liability, financial solvency and ambitious plans of development. Brillas Agustí provides its services in countries with stable markets and independent legal systems as well as in cities with medium-high prosperity levels. This fact is reflected in the stability of the future prospects of the company.

Global and independent

For the upcoming years, Brillas Agustí will become in a more global and diversified innovating company.
A company prepared to experiment continuous growths and set up steadily in the different markets where it operates.
In a global and highly competitive economy it is essential to diversify products and to have subsidiaries. They constitute one of the cornerstones to create an added value in a company, developing new ideas and new business processes and the most important, it helps to change the mentality of our human and professional capital and makes us discover new opportunities.